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    Jaguar's most advanced, efficient and refined sports saloon ever.

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    Truly effortless performance, sheer driving pleasure.

  • Jaguar XJ

    A dramatic combination of beauty, luxury and power.


    Jaguar’s first compact SUV.

  • Jaguar F-PACE

    Jaguar’s most practical sports car.

  • Jaguar F-TYPE

    Powerful, agile and utterly distinctive F-TYPE is a true Jaguar sports car.

  • SVO

    Luxury, performance and technology taken to the highest levels to create unique Jaguar cars.



Jaguar Land Rover was named BITC (Business In The Community) Responsible Business of the Year in 2013, and is the UK’s first ever manufacturing company to win this highly regarded award. It recognises our continued investment to improve our environmental performance, and increase skills and opportunities for employees and young people.

Seeing the bigger picture

Sustainability is one of the core principles driving our business. We constantly push the boundaries of innovation to improve sustainability throughout the complete life cycle of our cars, from design and manufacture to performance and eventual disposal.

Sustainable manufacturing

On the manufacturing side, we have cut water usage in our factories by 70%, achieved a 54% reduction in total waste sent to landfill, and created the world's largest rooftop solar panel system at our Engine Manufacturing Centre in Wolverhampton, UK: more than 21,000 photovoltaic panels produce over 30% of the centre's energy requirements.

We are also committed to sourcing more recycled aluminium in our manufacturing, and regularly meet with our top 200 suppliers to ensure they too follow our sustainability 'best practices'.

Sustainable performance

Since 2007 we have been working to reduce our EU fleet average exhaust CO2 emissions by 25% by 2015. We have been able to achieve these reductions a year earlier than targeted, through a host of innovations to make our vehicles more efficient - innovations like our new Ingenium engines. Take the 2.0 litre i4 turbocharged diesel (163PS) for instance, featured in the XE and XF’s E-Performance models. This ultra-efficient Ingenium engine with its Intelligent Start/Stop system delivers impressive fuel economy from 3.8l/100km, with CO2 emissions as low as 99g/km for XE, and as little as 4.0l/100km and 104g/km CO2 for XF. Our sustainable technologies have helped us to achieve media acclaim and the 2015 Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development.

Reinvesting in the community.

At Jaguar Land Rover our commitment to sustainability also extends to projects beyond the responsibilities of our own business; we have worked with ClimateCare since 2007 investing in innovative projects to protect the environment and improve people's lives. In backing the charity’s LifeStraw Carbon for Water project, in the Busia region of Kenya, we became the first business to support a complete geographic region, helping to reduce carbon emissions and provide safe water for over 700,000 people.


Jaguar Land Rover places huge value on the work it does to support communities, investing in work initiatives and inspiring young people.

As Britain’s largest premium automotive manufacturing business we’re helping to tackle youth unemployment with our 'Inspiring Tomorrow's Workforce' initiative - an enhanced traineeship programme that offers work experience, training and qualifications to unemployed young people to prepare them for employment and unlock their potential.


At Jaguar Land Rover we recognise that our greatest asset is the people who work for us. Our Employee Engagement index – which measures how engaged employees are based on questions about pride in the company, satisfaction, advocacy and commitment – showed that, through 2012 and 2013, 74% of production employees and 81% of salaried staff viewed the company positively. This is well above the external UK benchmark of 64%.


Jaguar supports many local charities in the vicinity of its UK manufacturing plants; through the Jaguar Employee Charities Committee, our staff can choose to donate to local causes, and then have their contributions match-funded by Jaguar.

And in leading the Coventry NSPCC Business Group, we have helped raise over £2 million, since 2007, to support the UK’s largest children’s welfare charity. By the end of 2014 we aim to generate another £1 million for this worthy cause.

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